tirsdag 21. februar 2012


We're doing great at Invictus and we're slowly becoming a pretty good team. I've been kinda lazy with my blog, but here's some stuff from 2011and 2012 I haven't posted. Follow me and the rest of Invictus on Instagram, by the way!

mandag 31. oktober 2011


Big changes ahead.. Our long time friends and fellow tattooers Jimmy Duvall and Marius Meyer at Invictus Custom Tattooing and us will be joining forces. This is what Jimmy wrote on Invictus' Facebook page;

BIG NEWS: I opened INVICTUS in the summer of 2006. I had the shop by myself for over two years until I was lucky enough to get my best friend through several years, Marius Meyer, to come join me. He's stayed by my side the past three years, and now I'm blessed with a new stroke of luck. My close friends, Christoffer Wøien and Morten Transeth (both former Electric East Tattooing Company), will also be joining INVICTUS, making us a complete team of four tattooers. A bright future, and even brighter tattoos! -Jimmy

We haven't left the shop yet, but things are in motion. I'll keep you posted as things go along..

Oslo Rock City Jamboree 2011

Thanks for coming down this year, I had a blast! Here's a couple of pictures of the tats I made.....and Simen totally getting what he deserved!